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Our nose – the guard of our airways

The nose is often the first target for viral attacks. Cold viruses reach the nasal mucosa via the air we breathe. The invaders immediately begin to penetrate the mucous membrane cells in order to proliferate there. A healthy mucosa knows how to defend itself against this kind of attack. By producing mucus and sneezing it tries to get rid of the troublemakers.

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hysan® Schnupfenspray Kinder (hysan® rhinitis spray children) – when the nose requires help!

Once the viruses have attached themselves to the mucous membrane cells, it is too late for preventative measures. The virally induced inflammatory reaction causes a swelling of the nasal mucosa and obstructs free breathing. The mucus is no longer transported in an optimum manner. Its viscosity increases, therefore forming a good breeding ground for bacteria. This situation requires good air ventilation.

hysan® Schnupfenspray Kinder (hysan® rhinitis spray children) – lets you breathe freely

The active ingredient xylometazoline in hysan® Schnupfenspray Kinder (for children aged 2 to 6) ensures a quick and efficient reduction of the nasal mucosa swelling. After already a few minutes you are able to breathe freely again and sufficient space is provided for the viscous mucus to drain. This prevents a bacterial infection and can often avoid antibiotic treatment.

  • immediately ensures free breathing
  • very well tolerated as it contains absolutely no preservatives
  • can be used for 6 months after openingar


hysan® rhinitis spray children
(for children aged 2 to 6)
PZN Shelf life after opening
10 ml Rhinitis Spray children 07772852 6 months

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