Ocular vitamins

Good eyesight into old age

The eye is our most important sensory organ. It allows us to perceive visual information from our surroundings. A world without this ability is to us almost inconceivable. Reason enough to “keep an eye” on eye health because the risk of eye diseases increases with age. In addition environmental factors and our way of life affect our eyes.
Therefore, Eyes need to be looked after

Eyes need to be supported!

80 % of the sensory information we receive is visual

We think nothing of being able to open our eyes and see the world. Afunctioning retina, which captures rays of light and transmits this information to the brain via the optic nerve is responsible for our vision. This ability allows us to perceive about 80 % of the information from our surroundings. A weak eye can interfere with vision and lead to a loss of quality of life.

You can do something to maintain your normal vision

Regular checks from your eye doctor will help to detect eye diseases at an early stage. Ideally, possible risk factors should also be avoided such as smoking, intense sunlight and an unbalanced diet. Eat an “eye-healthy” diet, e.g. green vegetables and oily fish, to aid your vision

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