Quality Policy

URSAPHARM has been systematically converting innovative pharmaceutical concepts into successful drugs and medical devices for over 50 years. Today, URSAPHARM is an international mid-sized enterprise. Thanks to its broad product portfolio, it is one of Germany’s market leaders in the ophthalmology segment. Preparations for general medicine round off the URSAPHARM portfolio. URSAPHARM also operates as an efficient contractor manufacturer, supplying cooperation partners worldwide with its expertise in the fields of development, production, quality control and quality assurance.

URSAPHARM manufactures eye drops, eye ointments, nasal drops and nasal sprays under the most stringent national and international quality standards. The wide range of dosage forms manufactured on URSAPHARM’s production lines also includes film-coated tablets and capsules.

The tolerability of the preparations, and thus the well-being of the patients, are central to product development at URSAPHARM. By eliminating potentially harmful preservatives from multiple-dose containers for eye drops or nasal spray/ nasal drops, URSAPHARM has become the first manufacturer to take a decisive step in enhancing patient safety and will consistently pursue this approach in future.

We regard our commitment to quality as a key element of our corporate vision. Consequently, we are committed to fulfilling all specified quality requirements. We strive to provide quality with respect to both our products and our services. Quality presupposes a cost-effective and time-efficient performance. For us, quality management means doing the right things – and getting them right the first time. We are committed to continually monitoring and improving the effectiveness of our quality management and the energy management system.

Source: IMH Handbook; latest version

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