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3K® system

Preservative-free nasal spray – a cutting-edge application system makes it possible

Decongestive nasal sprays clear your nose quickly and easily. That is why they are very popular against colds and are frequently used. But many products actually contain preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride, even though these have been criticised for some time. The role of preservatives is to kill germs in medicinal preparations and thus to maintain the microbiological quality of the solution after the multi-dose container has been opened. However, benzalkonium chloride can provoke allergic reactions such as swelling, redness and itching. That is why consumers should rather turn to preservative-free nasal sprays.

The 3K® system makes preservatives superfluous

The complete hysan® range of nasal sprays does not contain any preservatives. This is made possible by a technical innovation: the 3K® system is a cutting-edge application system for discharging liquid medicinal preparations which keeps the contents permanently sterile. So the use of preservatives like benzalkonium chloride is superfluous. The heart of the 3K® system is a so-called NON-AIRLESS pump, which reliably prevents the contents of the container from being contaminated.

How does the 3K® system work?

In the past, the 3K® system has proven its worth predominantly as a container for solutions for nasal applications (nasal sprays). The manufacturer URSATEC developed this special spray system so that germs cannot get into the solution. And this is exactly how it works: a built-in valve prevents the possibly contaminated liquid from flowing back into the bottle after it has been sprayed. In addition to that, the air which flows back is cleaned using a special filter matrix, which consists of an efficient combination of materials of filter, absorption materials and silver. Generally, consumers should, however, always adhere to the best before date and dispose of the nasal spray after the expiration date or shelf life after first opening.
So, if consumers need a preservative-free rhinitis spray or nasal moisturiser spray, they have a suitable product available from the hysan® range: hysan® rhinitis spray, hysan® care spray, hysan® hyaluronic acid spray and hysan® saline spray. All of them are supplied completely preservative-free thanks to the cutting-edge 3K® system.

All of the benefits at a glance

Here you can see all of the benefits of URSAPHARM preservative-free products in the trusted 3K® system:

  • Preservative-free sterility
  • 6 months shelf life after opening
  • Dosing accuracy
  • Excellent tolerability

The system of the future in Europe and around the world

Consumers are paying more attention to the ingredients of the their products and are more selective in their choices in order to prevent possible allergic risks. Preservative-free nasal sprays therefore have a decisive competitive advantage. The 3K® system is making a major contribution to nasal sprays being tolerable and safe to use. That is why this innovation will significantly shape the future of nasal sprays in Europe and throughout the world.

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