Commitment under the sign of the bear.

For the region

With success comes responsibility. This is particularly true for economic success. As a medium-sized company from Saarland, we feel a close connection to the people in our native region. We want to help them achieve their goals and realise their dreams. We therefore support a wide range of committed associations, projects and initiatives. We work together to ensure a diverse, open and tolerant society. We are creating the future together – and have been for 50 years. For the people in our region.

Sustainability as a matter of principle

As a family company, we understand the huge value of stable relationships and honest dealings. Whether we are involved in top-class or popular sports, culture, social projects, or environmental initiatives, we continually focus on long-term partnerships. We are consistently a reliable, equal partner and work with many motivated, committed people to achieve our goals together. We help by providing funds and ideas, contacts, and our network, as well as offering public relations support. We are on hand whenever we are needed – as a matter of principle.

For people

Social engagement – whether voluntary, part-time or full-time – forms the foundation of social harmony in our state. We all benefit from the huge amount of common good that results from the work and commitment of people who put their skills to use for the benefit of others out of an inner conviction, often without pay. And when one of us achieves something that seems almost beyond belief, we all feel a deep connection. We are therefore delighted to be giving some of our economic success back – for individual support, associations, projects, initiatives, charity events, and moments of true joy. For people. For all of us.

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