Your highly effective protection against hay fever and allergies. No preservatives.

Let’s be honest, allergies can be really irritating. Itchy eyes, constant sneezing and an annoying runny nose are just some of the unpleasant symptoms people with allergies have to cope with. Who wouldn’t appreciate a quick and simple solution? URSAPHARM has developed the Polli concept for a quick symptom relief that restores your quality of life immediately. Our products offer you allergy protection for your eyes and nose. Your highly effective protection against hay fever and allergies.
Our medicinal products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and are tested to URSAPHARM quality. We recommend Pollival® products containing azelastine immediate relief, and Pollicrom® with cromoglycate as a preventive treatment.

Allergies – high alert for the immune system

An allergic reaction presents considerable challenges to the human body. Substances that are actually harmless such as pollen, dust mites or animal hair can have a serious effect on allergy patients, as they trigger a whole series of reactions.
Allergies can be seasonal, but may also occur all year round. They develop in two stages: although antibodies are formed on first contact with the allergen there is no external allergic reaction but at each subsequent contact, the body unleashes the full allergy program.
If the person’s body comes into contact with the allergen, the sensitized cells start to form antibodies. At the end of a reaction cascade, these antibodies lead to the release of messenger substances (histamine) which ultimately trigger the allergic symptoms. Since the allergic reaction occurs within just a few minutes, it is known as an immediatetype reaction.

Our tips:

Tricks to help you get through the allergy season.

  • Wash your hair before going to bed.
  • Air your house out at the times when the pollenconcentration is lowest: in the morning in cities and in the evening in the countryside.
  • Do not dry your wash outside during the allergy season.
  • If possible, always wear sunglasses if you spend time outside.
  • Do not keep the clothing you have worn outside your home in the bedroom.
  • Enquire about pollen filters that are specially adapted to your model of car.
  • If possible, try not to spend too much time outside and also try to avoid physical activities while pollenconcentration is high. Rainy days are an exception to this.


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