Pollicrom® eye drops

Baseline protection for eyes

  • Prevents histamine release and intervenes early in the allergy mechanism
  • Preservative-free
  • Good tolerability
  • No age limit
  • Can be stored up to 12 weeks after opening
  • Highly effective, great price
  • With the patented COMOD® System
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Take precautions with Pollicrom® eye drops and avoid severe allergy symptoms like allergic conjunctivitis.

The cromoglicic acid active ingredient provides gentle and long lasting relief to your eyes. It intervenes early in the allergy mechanism and inhibits the release of the histamine allergenic messenger. With this treatment, allergy symptoms such as allergic conjunctivitis often do not occur at all. Pollicrom® eye drops are available from the innovative COMOD® System and are preservative and phosphate-free.


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