Food supplement

Additional nutritional supplementation makes so much sense

As the name suggests, food supplements are products designed to supplement a normal diet. They contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, trace elements, amino acids or dietary fibre, which are also found in normal foods, but in concentrated form and often at a high dosage. Food supplements are not a substitute for a well-balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

In this country, people who eat a balanced and varied diet obtain almost all the nutrients that the body needs. Under certain conditions, however, it may be worth taking food supplements on a temporary basis. In these cases, vitamins and mineral preparations can be useful supplements to the diet – both in children and in adults. Adults, who should really set an example, do not always eat the ideal diet because of stress and when under time pressure often reach for unhealthy food such as fast food or frozen pizza. Even very health-conscious people who cook vegetarian or even vegan food can have vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Vital vitamins as tasty supplements to the daily diet

Nutritional supplementation is there to support us from early childhood to adulthood. A fresh and balanced diet is the main issue – during the common cold season and in particularly stressful situations, however, children and adults can really use some support.

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