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The sinuses – often also affected

Sneezing or sniffing presses germ-loaded mucus into the sinuses that are connected to the nose. The swelling of the nasal mucosa prevents the infectious mucus from flowing out of the sinuses, creating a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. The mucous membrane in the sinuses becomes damaged and as a result swells up as well. Sinus pain, a strong feeling of pressure and a significantly prolonged illness are the consequences.

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Bromelaintabletten hysan® (bromelain tablets hysan®) – reduce swelling

The enzyme bromelain alleviates the swelling of the virus and bacteria affected nose and sinuses, thus enabling the air flow that is necessary for faster healing. The long-term swelling reduction effect of Bromelaintabletten hysan® excellently complements the acute treatment with hysan® Schnupfenspray.

Bromelain – natural power to fight swelling

A stomach acid-resistant coating protects the highly concentrated pineapple enzymes in Bromelaintabletten hysan® against undesired destruction by gastric acids. This ensures that the valuable active ingredient reaches the small intestine unchanged, where it enters the bloodstream and is transported to the site of the swelling. The innovative formulation of Bromelaintabletten hysan® contains absolutely no lactose or colouring.

  • reduce swelling and eases the feeling of sinus pressure
  • facilitates the flow of secretions
  • purely plant-based and particularly well tolerated

bromelain tablets hysan® PZN Storage instructions
20 tablets 09246122 store refrigerated at 2-8°C
50 tablets 09246151 store refrigerated at 2-8°C
100 tablets 09246168 store refrigerated at 2-8°C

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