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Once inhaled cold viruses have managed to penetrate the mucous membrane cells it is too late for preventative measures. The virally induced inflammatory reaction causes a swelling of the nasal mucosa and obstructs free breathing. The mucus transport is no longer optimal. The viscosity of the mucus increases, therefore forming a good breeding ground for bacteria. This situation calls for good air ventilation.

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hysan® Salinspray (hysan® saline spray) – when congested noses need help

A concentrated sea salt solution naturally removes excess fluids from the swollen nasal mucosa; this is particularly desirable for common cold-induced inflammatory swellings of the nose. A hypertonic sea salt solution represents therefore an excellent alternative to traditional decongestants.

hysan® Salinspray (hysan® saline spray) – the natural way to breathe freely

The hypertonic sea salt solution in hysan® Salinspray takes advantage of the known and therapeutically successful effects of salt on respiratory infections. Reducing the swelling makes it possible to breathe freely again and supports the healing processes of nose and sinus infections in a natural way.

  • ensures the natural reduction of the nasal mucosa swelling and liquefies viscous secretions
  • can contribute to a decrease in the use of other decongestant nasal sprays
  • completely free of preservatives and especially well tolerated
  • can be used for 6 months after opening

hysan® saline spray PZN Shelf life after opening
20 ml 13947014 6 months
For information on risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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