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URSAPHARM extends POSIFORLID® portfolio with eyelid hygiene wipes

Saarbrücken, 25 April 2022. Saarbrücken-based pharmaceutical company URSAPHARM is extending its POSIFORLID® product portfolio with eyelid hygiene wipes for treating and caring blepharitis. The POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes are pre-moistened sterile disposable wipes for gently removing deposits such as dust, pollen and crusts on the eyelids or between the eyelashes. The dermatologically tested wipes contain hyaluronic acid, horsetail and euphrasia and are made without the addition of preservatives or fragrances. They are ideal for daily gentle cleansing of the sensitive eyelid skin and can also be used in combination with the POSIFORLID® eye spray and the POSIFORLID® eye mask to help treat inflammation of the eyelid margin (blepharitis). The POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes are now available and supplied in packs of 20 and 50 wipes.

URSAPHARM will be supporting the sales launch of the POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes with a launch campaign targeted primarily at doctors and pharmacists. The campaign includes over-the-counter displays for pharmacies including flyers, samples for doctor’s surgeries, video ads on the Apovid OTC screens along with print advertisements in selected specialist and general interest media and a classic mailshot to the target group.

The natural ingredients of the POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes provide gentle eyelid cleansing and care. The contained hyaluronic acid adds moisture, calms and cares for the sensitive eyelid skin, which is hydrated and regains suppleness. Horsetail has a cleansing, calming effect, while euphrasia also cares for the skin and relieves irritation.

URSAPHARM is rounding off its POSIFORLID® product portfolio with the POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes; this portfolio offers a holistic concept for treating and caring for blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction. The individual products complement each other perfectly:

  • POSIFORLID® COMOD eye drops and Posiformin 2 %, eye ointment for the treatment of inflammation
  • POSIFORLID® eye mask for heat therapy
  • POSIFORLID® eye spray for the supportive care for eyelid inflammation andirritated eyelids.
  • POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes for gentle daily cleansing of the eyelids.

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