URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH turns 50

Saarbrücken, 8. April 2024. Celebrating half a century of innovation: URSAPHARM Arzneimittel turns 50

URSAPHARM’s company story began in 1974 and is inextricably linked with healthcare in Saarland. In the 1970s, four pharmacists named Albrecht Holzer, Dieter Trox, Werner Buxmann and Werner Bernhard realised that there was a need to treat eye disease in Saarland population, who generally had to buy their products from nearby pharmacies in neighbouring France. They subsequently founded URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH to fill this gap.

Their strategy was successful: in just ten years, URSAPHARM was able to develop a full range of pharmaceutical products for eye care. The company which is based in Saarland established itself as a German market leader and one of Europe’s leading providers thanks to its comprehensive, high-quality range of eye care products. The product portfolio was then complemented with a range of products for general medicine. Countless innovative products and patents have safeguarded the company’s future and provided a modern, diverse workplace for the nearly 1,000 employees at the head office in Saarbrücken and various subsidiaries across Europe, as well as more than 80 distribution partners worldwide. With Frank and Dominik Holzer at the head of the company, the second and third generation are now working together to steer the family company’s destiny.

‘We are very proud to have reached this incredible milestone’, CEO Frank Holzer explains. ‘For 50 years, we have been passionately working to manufacture our products to the highest standards in order to provide people with exceptional, high-quality eye moisturisation.’

URSAPHARM’s success is primarily due to its employees: without the staff’s creative energy, commitment and motivation, the company would not be where it is today. URSAPHARM has therefore chosen to devote a unique campaign to its own employees as a way of marking this anniversary. The focus will be on appreciating, valuing and showcasing the company’s people. All employees can take part in the campaign with a portrait photo. The campaign will be launched in June 2024.

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