Put a stop to eyelid inflammation.

With the POSIFORLID® eye mask, URSAPHARM has introduced an innovative form of heat therapy for the treatment of eyelid inflammation and meibomian gland dysfunction.

One of the main problems in eyelid inflammation is solidification of the secretions in the meibomian glands. Heat treatment renders the secretions liquid and promotes the blood circulation at the edges of the eyelids. It is therefore an extremely important part of restoring the function of the meibomian glands.

However, heat treatment is only effective if a warm, moist environment is maintained at a constant temperature of around 45 degrees over a period of 5–7 minutes. The POSIFORLID® eye mask is a self-heating eye mask which is particularly good at meeting these requirements and can be used approximately 90 times.

A video showing how to use the eye mask, tips for eyelid hygiene and further information can be found at POSIFORLID.de


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