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Zinkorotat-POS® – The strong zinc that is kind to your stomach.

Our body requires zinc for many important metabolic functions. A deficiency can result in e.g. a weak immune system and reduced wound healing.

Great care has to be taken when complementing the body’s need for this valuable trace element with an effective zinc preparation. Therefore, we would recommend you seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist.

Beside a good tolerability the so-called bioavailability is crucial. What use is the best active ingredient, if it cannot get to the site of action, e.g. to the cells, but instead is eliminated in its non-processed form?


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  • transports the zinc exactly to where it is needed
  • protects the sensitive stomach lining
  • can be optimally absorbed by the body


The daily zinc intake

The requirement for zinc varies between individuals and is influenced by a variety of factors such as gender or age. The German Society for Nutrition’s (DGE) recommendations are based on the requirement of healthy, normal-weight people. Please note: An individually increased demand for zinc caused e.g. by diet, special circumstances or chronic diseases may be higher than the daily intake recommended by the DGE.

German Nutrition Society’s (DGE) recommendations

Daily requirement Age Female Male
Infants from 0 to less than 4 months* 1.0 mg
from 4 to less than 12 months 2.0 mg
Children from 1 to less than 4 years 3.0 mg
from 4 to less than 7 years 5.0 mg
from 7 to less than 10 years 7.0 mg
from 10 to less than 13 years 7.0 mg 9.0 mg
from 13 to less than 15 years 7.0 mg 9.5 mg
Adolescents and adults 15 years and older 7.0 mg 10.0 mg
Pregnant women (2nd and 3rd trimester) 10.0 mg
Breast-feeding women 11.0 mg
Source: German Nutrition Society.
* estimated value

Zinkorotat-POS® – Strong in its action, kind to the stomach

Zinkorotat-POS® PZN Storage instructions
20 gastro-resistant tablets 06340889 Do not store above 25°C
20 gastro-resistant tablets 06340895 Do not store above 25°C
100 gastro-resistant tablets 06340903 Do not store above 25°C

Important note:

Our pharmaceutical products are subject to ongoing development. For product-related information please refer to the package in use.

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