Eyelid inflammation

POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes

POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes
For daily eyelid cleansing and care

Eyelid margin hygiene should be part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. Careful, regular care of your eyelid margins helps to obtain your meibomian glands’ function and thus prevent inflammation of your eyelids.
POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes are a practical solution for gently cleansing and caring for your sensitive eyelid margins. The wipes gently remove deposits such as dust, pollen or crusting from your eyelids and between your eyelashes, making them suitable for supportive care in case of eyelid inflammations (blepharitis).
In combination with POSIFORLID® eye spray and the POSIFORLID® eye mask, POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes offer a holistic concept for optimal eyelid margin hygiene and care.

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POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes – also practical when out and about

POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes care for sensitive eyelids and gently cleanse your eyelid margins:

  • With hyaluronic acid, horsetail and euphrasia for the daily cleansing and care of sensitive eyelids, like in case of eyelid inflammation (blepharitis)
  • Free of preservatives and fragrances
  • To be used on closed eyes
  • Very good skin and eye tolerance
  • For daily use
  • Practical when out and about

The POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes are pre-moistened, sterile and individually packed, making them convenient for cleansing your eyelids, whether at home, out and about or when travelling.
Do not use POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes when wearing contact lenses because, even with your eyes closed, fluid from the soaked eyelid hygiene wipes could come into contact with your contact lenses.


How to use POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes

POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes are easy to use:

  1. Remove any eye make-up before using the wipes.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  3. Remove the POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipe from the individual sachet.
  4. Gently clean the eyelid with the eye closed by stroking the eyelid hygiene wipe on the eyelid from the outside to the inside.
  5. Do not flush the eyelid hygiene wipe down the toilet after use but put it into your household waste.
  6. Take a fresh eyelid hygiene wipe for the other eyelid and repeat the process.


Follow a regular eyelid margin hygiene routine every morning and evening to optimally cleanse and care for your eyelids: POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes can also be used several times a day if necessary.
If you have severe symptoms such as crusting, redness or burning of your eyelids, please contact your ophthalmologist.

POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes are available at your pharmacy in pack sizes of 20 and 50.

POSIFORLID® eyelid hygiene wipes PZN Storage instructions
20 pieces 17293756 do not store above 25 °C
50 pieces 17293762 do not store above 25 °C


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