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Siccaprotect® Augentropfen Packshot

Siccaprotect® – moistening and care of the irritated cornea

Important protection: the tear film

The tear film on the ocular surface is a very sophisticated construction. It consists of a thin outer layer of lipids which prevents the tears from quick evaporation. Beneath it lays the actual aqueous tear layer which plays an important role in the supply of the cells of the ocular surface with oxygen and nutrients. The innermost layer of the tear film is composed of a mucous layer – the so-called mucine layer – which adheres perfectly to the cells of the cornea and the conjunctiva of the eye (see image 1). As a result, the tears spread evenly on the eye.

  1. superficial layer of lipids
  2. aqueous layer
  3. mucine layer
  4. surface of the cornea

When the tear film is impaired

When the composition of the tear film is abnormal or the tear glands produce not enough of this important liquid, the tear film ruptures (image 2). The result: The cells which lie in this area of the eye will not be supplied with oxygen and nutrients anymore. The affected will notice the damage of the cells as it manifests in form of itching, burning of the eyes or foreign body sensation. These symptoms are often associated with pain. In the advanced stage it can come to superficial injuries of the cornea and the conjunctiva.

Siccaprotect® – the well-priced combination of moistening and care

Siccaprotect® eye drops contain the ingredient polyvinyl alcohol which increases the viscosity of the eye drops. Due to the slightly increased viscosity of the solution, it stays longer on the ocular surface and thus guarantees permanent and intensive moistening. In addition, dexpanthenol is contained in Siccaprotect® which causes a quick neo-formation of the injured tissue of the cornea and the conjunctiva. This leads to an accelerated recovery of the irritated eyes.

Siccaprotect® – effective against dry eyes and gentle to irritated eyes

Siccaprotect® PZN Shelf life after opening Storage instructions
10 ml eye drops 03005570 6 Weeks do not store above 25°C

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