Today Scope Eyecare, a leading dry eye company announced a new partnership to further enhance and expand Scopes OSD/Dry eye offering. OPTASE® HYLO NIGHT a preservative-free eye ointment for nighttime use is set to launch in June this year followed by more exciting OPTASE® HYLO® products later this year.

New Partnership Expands Scope’s Dry Eye Portfolio with the launch of the OPTASE® HYLO® range of dry eye products in the USA from June 2021.

New York, N.Y. – May 17, 2021Scope Eyecare and URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH have been partners collaborating in the European dry eye sector for nearly 12 years. An exciting new partnership for the US paves the way for the next phase of this partnership with the creation and launch of a co-branded range of new and innovative dry eye products for the US dry eye market.

The OPTASE® HYLO® co-brand partnership has seen the companies R&D teams develop formulations tailored to meet the needs of the US dry eye sufferer across a spectrum of symptom severity. Globally Dry Eye Disease has become increasingly prevalent with an ageing population and more recently the huge increase in digital devices driving growth in the sector. Ophthalmologists and their patients rely on innovative new products to alleviate and manage a range of symptoms associated with the disease.

Scope Eyecare a 12 years old Irish company which launched in the US in 2019, is an innovative healthcare company and market leader in the dry eye market in the UK and Ireland. In 2019 Scope launched its preservative free, high quality OPTASE® Heat, Cleanse & Hydrate (HCH) range in the US as well as establishing its new US headquarters in New York. Scope now has an extensive and experienced in-house sales and marketing team serving its growing customer base of ophthalmologists and optometrists across the US. Tom Freyne, Scope CEO said: “We are delighted to enhance and broaden our OSD range with the OPTASE® HYLO® brand collaboration. URSAPHARM and Scope have worked together for a long time now and our results in the UK and Ireland have been the consequence of the right partnership and the right response to our products and services from dry eye patients. To now take this tried and tested partnership to the US is an incredibly exciting next chapter in our relationship. These products have been missing in the US market and now we want to work with eye doctors and patients to offer them locally.”

URSAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH is a leading family run German manufacturer of drugs and medical devices for ophthalmology. Its preservative free and high quality brand HYLO® is Europe-wide the leading dry eye brand. Dominik Holzer, URSAPHARM CEO, commented: “The market entry in the US market is the logical continuation of our international expansion strategy. We are looking forward to taking this important strategic step together with our proven partner Scope.”

OPTASE® HYLO NIGHT Product launching in June 2021
Product highlights:

  • A preserative free dry eye ointment using white petrolatum, mineral oil, light liquid paraffin and Vitamin A
  • Preservative free, with over 300 applications per 5g tube.
  • For moderate to severe dry eye sufferers

More details to come on the other products in OPTASE® HYLO® range in the near future.

ABOUT SCOPE: Scope Eyecare is a family run healthcare company dedicated to providing healthcare professionals and consumers with high quality, effective and innovative products. Founded in 2009, Scope offers a range of eyecare products for the treatment of various eyecare conditions including Dry Eye Disease, Blepharitis and MGD.


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