HYLO COMOD®’s New Global Package is Landing in China


HYLO COMOD® is the star product of HYLO® product range. It was launched in Germany in 1999 and since years HYLO COMOD® is the market leading eye care product in Germany and Europe. For more than 20 years, we insist on production in German and supply to the World, and now sell well in 74 countries and regions around the world. We are always committed to caring for eye health.

HYLO COMOD®是 HYLO 护眼系列产品的明星款,1999 年诞生于德国,是欧洲家喻户 晓的护眼产品。20 多年来,我们坚持以德国生产供应全球,现已畅销全球 74 个国家和地 区,始终致力于呵护眼部健康。

HYLO® product range | HYLO® 家族

In 2009, HYLO COMOD® entered China with the Chinese name of “海露®” (English trade name: HYCOSAN®). Over the past 12 years, it has been deeply trusted and affirmed by Chinese doctors and patients, and has become best of the best artificial tears in China. In order to better serve the vast number of consumers, in 2020, with the approval of NMPA, HYLO COMOD® (“ 海露®”) (sodium hyaluronate eye drops, 10ml, 0.1 %) was changed from prescription drug to OTC drug in China. Meanwhile, in order to improve the global recognition of the brand, HYLO COMOD® trademark and new packaging design were adopted. The new package will be launched in China at the end of February 2021, and consumers can buy the product in hospitals, Internet online shops and drug stores successively.

2009 年 HYLO COMOD®进入中国,中文名“海露®”(英文商品名: HYCOSAN®),12 年来深受中国医生和患者的信任和肯定,成为中国人工泪液中的佼佼者。为更好的服务广大消费者,2020 年经中国国家药品监督管理局批准,海露®(玻璃酸钠滴眼液,10ml, 0.1 %)在中国由处方药变更为非处方药,同时为提高品牌的全球统一辨识度,启用 HYLO COMOD®商标和全新外包装设计。新包装于 2021 年 2 月底在中国上市,消费者陆续可在 医院、互联网平台、药店购买到该产品。

The quality before and after the change of the outer package is completely the same | 外包装变更前后产品质量完全一致

Nowadays, Chinese friends give HYLO COMOD® (海露®) a friendly nickname: XingXingShui (i.e.: blinking water), which means there are stars in the eyes. Wish all the Chinese friends a pair of star eyes!

如今,中国朋友们送给“海露®”一个亲切的昵称:星星水,喻意眼睛里面有星星。祝愿中 国朋友们都有一双星星眼!

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